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Do You Think WikiLeaks Is a Terrorist Organization?


This question was asked on a popular news website; the following is the response:

New York Rep. Peter King wants WikiLeaks declared a terrorist organization for its release of hundreds of thousands of classified U.S. military and diplomatic documents. Do you believe WikiLeaks is a terrorist group?


When does information become public domain? According to the NY politician, he said over a million people had access to this information. What took so long for this info to get out? Or was it a timing thing?


Also, do you really think heads of state in the various countries didn't know most, if not all this information already? Be for real. If they didn't know about the information that mattered in these documents, they don't belong being the head of their country.


The general public was simply let in to "a little"of what is going on; especially foolish chatter from people who ought to be conducting themselves with professionalism considering their positions; but how much professionalism is there anymore? 


Is it by chance that this information has come out at nearly the same time the government is closing down websites for copyright infringement, and boldly displaying their department logos on the main page of the sites they are closing?


Is this claimed leak of classified and secret information a chance to anger the people, so the government can bring strict controls of freedom of speech to the internet with our eager approval?


Are governments, special interests and money manipulators getting upset that too many people are finding out too much information on what is really going on behind closed doors in high places?


Are they upset because the opportunities to take advantage of us, and use us are diminishing?


Are they mad because we are beginning to use our right of free speech again?


Don't they like the idea that they can not keep treating us like a bunch of dumb cows, and milk us for every penny they can squeeze out of us, as they have become accustomed to?


Was this claimed leak just another set up? Was it to set the stage to silence people who want to use the internet to speak out against abuses in governments and organizations?


If this is the intent or goal, it won't be long, and the only news we will get is what governments and wealthy organizations (special interests) want to convince us to believe. This manipulation is already taking place around the world to a deplorable degree; and many of us just suck it all in.


What does the media bombard us with and call news?


Scandalous tabloid trash.

Hollywood stars that extract millions from us because they put on a good act.

Sports figures that think they are worth millions because they can play with their balls.

Insignificant gossip that does not matter about anything relevant..

Petty differences, as if we no longer live in a free nation.

Exalting big businesses that are too big, and certainly need to fail.  

Politicians busy with their own party, as they peg us against each other.

The politicians make sure they can afford to party, but most of the middle class is sinking quick, with just a very few climbing higher.


It is a true statement: United we stand; and divided we are falling fast.


All this trash the media shovels down our throats and calls news, is nothing but cheap entertainment which is strangely absorbing the interests, time and money of our people.


What is taking place while we are being sidetracked with petty information and seedy nonsense?


Our country is being milked for every penny, every moral value and every bit of wealth and decency it once had. And we just let it happen.  


Our politicians through treaties and agreements made it possible for big businesses to transfer our factories, manufacturing plants, customer services and tech support services departments; hundreds of billions in revenue and wages; many millions of jobs across the border and overseas; and they wonder why we can not reduce unemployment to reasonable levels?


They wonder why state and federal governments are broke or nearly broke? And yet, we still have politicians in office that shoved all this free trade garbage at us without our consent.


It does not make sense, and it is leaving many families penniless.


Big businesses went around the world giving away trade secrets, technology and a great amount of insight and business sense to make some easy money, while more of our own families are finding themselves in food lines. Now some of these countries are using the knowledge and our loss of industry against us as bargaining tools; not to mention all the money we send them because we no longer proccess, manufacture and produce so much of what we used to make for ourselves. Now they grow, while we crumble. Go figure.


Every one of us is guilty. Point your finger, and you have three fingers pointing back at you.  


In the last days, the deceptions are going to be incredible, and so they are.


Think for yourself.


Just connect the dots.


People ought to control their emotions so they can think things through more clearly.


November 29, 2010



New reports will not come out every day. We actually do research and verify as much as possible what we write about. That takes time. We know you deserve more than mimicked news; you want news that has been thought through, as truthful as possible, and trustworthy; so please be patient and we will report as many stories as possible.